Other People’s

is a celebration of the daily cup and every hand it touches along the way.

Espresso shot being made

Our vision is to build

a deeper sense of community within the coffee industry by bridging the gap between farmers, roasters, and consumers.

Our Mission is to serve

high-quality, delicious coffee with distinctive, yet approachable flavor profiles—all through a process focused on sustainability, transparency, and paying homage to the people that make it happen.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is a product of thoughtful collaboration with skilled roasters and farmers. Each blend or single-origin coffee is unique and sold via The Casetta Shop and our sister Casetta Group hotel properties with the intention of celebrating the behind-the-scenes work + people involved. All green coffee is sustainably sourced through our roaster/importer network, where we only work with farms that prioritize fair wages, humane treatment, and eco-friendly practices.

Our single origin espresso is sourced from the Mogiana region of Brazil, known for full-bodied and fruity coffees. Family-run farms provide delicious quality beans due to the excellent climate, altitude and soil in the area.

Our custom blend combines coffee from the Mierisch Family Farms in Nicaragua with harvest from the Roger Chilcon Flores farm in Peru. Mierisch’s coffee offers notes of silky and full-bodied dark chocolate, harmonized with the fruit-forward cherry notes of its Peruvian complement.


Pulley Collective

Casetta Group works with Pulley Collective as our roasting partner, with locations in both Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY.

Sip, share and enjoy!